Services we provide:
1.        E-Commerce store setup

2.        Hosting services for your website/e-commerce store.

3.        Domain name registration

4.        Store management services (such as inventory maintenance, pricing changes, etc.)

5.        On-line payment services (including PayPal) without needing to set up a separate merchant account (or PayPal account) with all the extra fees.

6.        Graphic design services for your website

7.        Search Engine Optimization for your business website

8.        Technical support for your site

9.        Order fulfillment services with drop shipping

10.        Customer services for your business website

Who might benefit from our services?

1.         Anyone interested in selling their products on-line such as crafters, small manufacturers, re-sellers, etc.

2.        Service related businesses (physicians, attorneys, plumbers, electricians, etc.) who want to offer an on-line bill payment option to their customers

3.        Restaurants, convenience stores and Pizza/Sub shops who want to be able to have on-line ordering and payment options for take-out orders

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